Helpful tips from college students

Tips for middle school students

Getting started early

It’s never too early to start learning about your college options and how to prepare for this important chapter of your life. Check out this helpful advice from current students at each of Arizona’s public universities.

Tips for high school freshmen

Start thinking about college now 

Moving on to high school from eighth grade is a huge step in itself – great job on continuing to make progress toward a bright future! Check out this advice from current ASU, NAU and Arizona students on how to make the most of your time in high school.

Tips for high school sophomores

Discover options and start visiting

Your sophomore year is a great time to start building a list of colleges you are interested in learning more about and visiting.  Within the state of Arizona, there are many different college options with various majors, climate and campus size.

Tips for high school juniors

Focus on options

Junior year is when you’ll really start to focus on your college options. and where you want to go. You may take tests like the SAT or ACT. These tests aren’t always required for admission, but many times colleges will take your scores into consideration for scholarships or other special programs they may offer.

Tips for high school seniors

Start applying

Plan on applying to college in the summer before and fall of your senior year in high school. This is also the time to apply for scholarships to help cover costs. With so many different types of scholarships available, there is something for everyone.

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