Entrance exams

Learn what’s required when taking the ACT and SAT

What is a college entrance exam?

The American College Testing (ACT) and Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) are entrance exams that are used by some colleges and universities to assess a student’s college readiness. Tests are usually taken in your junior and senior years of high school and are administered in one sitting over the course of a few hours.

Do I have to take an entrance exam to be admitted to college?

Not all colleges and universities require the SAT or ACT. In recent years, more schools have decided to make the tests optional as these often tell an incomplete story about a student’s ability to succeed in college. All three public universities in Arizona - ASU, NAU and Arizona - are “test blind,” meaning that the schools don't factor in a test score or lack of one in admission decisions.

If they are not required, what’s the point in taking entrance exams?

There are still benefits to taking a college entrance exam. Even if a college or university does not require the tests, many recommend sending your scores, as strong scores can impact your eligibility for scholarships and other merit-based financial aid.

Arizona State University logo

College entrance exams

ASU ACT/SAT school codes
ACT: 0088
SAT: 4007  

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Entrance exams

NAU ACT/SAT school codes

ACT: 0086
SAT: 4006

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Arizona ACT/SAT school codes
ACT: 0096
SAT: 4832

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