Getting involved at NAU

Elevate your experience as a Lumberjack and maximize your life outside the classroom by joining clubs and activities.  

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Find your place at NAU with students who are eager to connect.

Forge lasting memories, connections and skills. At Northern Arizona University, engaging is effortless, with 400+ student groups eager to connect. Whoever you are, there’s a space for you to join others who share your passions.

Fraternity and sorority life

NAU's Greek associations offer a comprehensive system of social and academic support that aims to enhance your college experience and contribute to your well-rounded development.​

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Leadership opportunities

Getting involved not only helps you meet people and make new friends, it will help you develop skills that serve you well after graduation, such as leadership and collaboration.

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There are over 400 student organizations that you can participate in and connect with fellow NAU students.

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Nearly 10,000 NAU students belong to a student organization.

Discover all the different ways to get involved at NAU.

What students are saying

Listen to what students at NAU are saying about available opportunities.

"Being involved on campus has created friendships and many of my favorite memories as a Lumberjack. It creates community, gives experience and makes you proud to be a Lumberjack. When I first moved to Flagstaff, I knew no one as an out-of-state student. I found belonging at NAU through events, community council, ASNAU and clubs. Being involved at NAU has made it the ultimate college experience.​"

Brendan Trachsel, senior
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