Finding the right college

Finding the right college means more than just finding one that offers a major you want to pursue.

You have many college options, including in the state of Arizona. As you think through where the future may take you, consider which aspects of the college experience are most important to you and the schools that are the best fit. 

Know or go

Consider the factors below when considering colleges. If you're not sure, make an appointment with your counselor to ensure you're on the right path to college.


Are you looking for a big college experience with highly competitive sports teams or a small school? Would you rather attend college alongside hundreds or thousands of students?


College is in session for at least nine months out of the year so consider your surroundings. Would you rather be in a mountain town, bustling city or quiet neighborhood? Do you like the sun shining almost every day or do you like to experience the change of seasons?


Do you prefer to learn completely online or in-person in the classroom, or maybe a blend of both? Most colleges offer options on how class is delivered, providing you with a flexible learning experience that works for your personal situation.


Are you interested in a certain major, honors program, research lab experience or expanded student support services to provide focused assistance with your coursework?

Faculty access

Are you looking for a unique research opportunity alongside a specific professor or a mentorship with an expert in a particular field?

Social life

Are you looking forward to cheering on your team from the spirited student section or possibly pursuing Greek life? Or, do you prefer smaller, more intimate settings with just a few close friends?

Distance from home

Does being able to drive home on the weekends or hop on a short plane ride make you feel more at ease? Or, are you looking for a college experience far away from home?


Do you qualify for certain reduced tuition programs, grants, scholarships or special funding offered at a certain school?

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