Start here! A parent's primer to plan for college.

Parents embarking on the exciting journey of college planning alongside your child can start here!

Navigating the path to higher education can be both thrilling and overwhelming, but fear not – College Ready AZ is a one-stop shop to help guide you through the essential steps and exciting journey to Arizona’s public universities.

Welcome to the college planning adventure!

Embarking on the college planning journey is a significant milestone, and we understand the importance of laying a strong foundation for your child’s future. This section is designed as your compass, helping you navigate the intricate terrain of college preparation with confidence.

Whether you are just starting to think about college or already planning, here are some checklists that can help you.

Understanding the landscape

The world of college planning is vast and diverse. From selecting the right academic path to exploring financial aid options, there’s a lot to consider. College Ready AZ is organized to help along your journey with curated essential information to help you understand the landscape and make informed decisions. A few ways to start your college planning journey with your student is to explore the online virtual tours and hear from students about their experiences.

Advice from students

Virtual tours

Kickstart your child's college planning journey

As you set sail into the realm of higher education preparation for your child, Arizona’s public universities have resources and opportunities just for you as the parent or guardian.

From informative workshops to articles and events, you not only gain insights into the higher education landscape but also empower yourself to make informed decisions that pave the way for your child’s successful college experience.

College Ready AZ: your resource hub

Consider College Ready AZ as partner in planning your student’s college planning journey. A go-to resource hub, this site is for students and families, committed to providing the tools you need to make informed decisions and foster a positive and empowering college planning experience for both you and your student.

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