Official transcripts

Transcripts are an important step in your college journey.

What is an official transcript?

A transcript is a document detailing your academic performance in high school, community college or a university. In short, it’s an official record of your grades. It’s considered official when it’s sent to the school you’re applying to directly from the school you attended.

Self-reporting grades

When applying to Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona, you’re able to self-report your grades in the admissions application. You’ll receive an admission decision based on this form of “unofficial transcript.”

For students applying directly from high school, you’ll need to have your high school send ASU, NAU and Arizona your official transcript after you’ve completed your senior year and before you enroll.

How to send official transcripts

All three public universities in Arizona accept transcripts via mail and ASU and Arizona accept these via email as long as transcripts are sent by your school and not by you. You’ll need to inform your school that you need official transcripts sent to the school where you intend to enroll. Each university has clear instructions for how to submit official transcripts.

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