Transfer pathways

Starting at a community college? It is easy to transfer to a university when you are ready. 

Many students may choose to start a college education at a community college. This offers cost savings and convenience for students who want to start a degree closer to home. It also offers flexibility and a good opportunity to explore your interest before enrolling at a university.

There are processes in place at each of Arizona’s public universities to make transferring as seamless as possible. If you are starting in community college, be sure to learn about Arizona’s transfer pathway plans before you select your classes.


First steps on the transfer pathway

If you are planning to enroll in community college prior to transferring to one of Arizona’s three public universities, create a pathway plan with the university to easily compare degree programs, ensure you take the right classes toward your degree and see how your credits will transfer.

Should I start at community college?

First things first – choosing to earn a college degree of any kind, including an associate degree from a community college, is a step in the right direction. Not only will it set you on a course toward a higher salary than those without a degree, but you will encounter less chance of finding yourself unemployed.

Community colleges in AZ

How much is an associate degree worth compared to no degree?

On average, you will earn $323 more weekly or $16,796 annually than workers 25 and over with no high school diploma.

You'll earn $152 more weekly or $7,904 more annually on average than workers 25 and over with a high school diploma.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey

Will my community college course credits transfer to the universities?

The AZTransfer website offers helpful information about course equivalency between Arizona's community colleges and public universities. You can check any course from a community college to see if a course transfers. This makes it easy to plan your path so you transfer all the credits you earn at community college to your university degree program.

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I appreciated that there was an enrollment coach guiding me through my transfer enrollment process. It's really nice to have someone inside of the system to be able to help to make sure all of the paperwork that needs to be done is done.

Derek B.

Interdisciplinary arts and performance, ASU Online
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