Scholarship search

Hundreds of scholarships are available

Scholarships are available for a wide range of students, including high school seniors, current college students, graduate students and adults returning to school. Scholarships can be based on academic achievement, financial need, extracurricular involvement and many other factors.

Where to search

Colleges where you are applying

Most colleges and universities offer scholarships to incoming and current students. Check with the financial aid office or visit the school's website to find information about scholarships offered. This can include both merit scholarships and need-based scholarships.

Online scholarship search engines

Religious organizations

Some religious institutions and churches provide scholarships for members or students pursuing education in areas related to their faith.

State and local government agencies

State education departments and local government agencies often provide information about scholarships available to residents of their respective regions. Check your state's education department website for details.

Professional associations and organizations

Many professional associations and organizations offer scholarships to students pursuing careers in specific fields. For example, if you're interested in engineering, check with engineering associations for available scholarships.

Specialized scholarship websites

Some websites focus on specific types of scholarships, such as STEM scholarships, LGBTQ+ scholarships, women's scholarships or scholarships for students with disabilities.

Military and veterans programs

If you or your family members have a military background, consider exploring scholarships and educational benefits offered by the U.S. military branches and veteran organizations.

Community foundations and nonprofits

Local community foundations and nonprofit organizations frequently provide scholarships to support students in their communities. These organizations may have specific eligibility criteria based on location, interests or demographics.

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