Institutional aid at the University of Arizona

Your education is one of the smartest investments you will make in your lifetime, and the University of Arizona is here to help you navigate paying for college.

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Institutional aid

In addition to any federal aid you may receive as a result of completing the FAFSA, the University of Arizona offers the following institutional aid programs.

Wildcat Tuition Awards

Arizona merit tuition awards for in-state, first-year students.

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Arizona Tuition Awards

Arizona merit tuition awards for first-year nonresident students.

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National Scholars Tuition Awards

Merit tuition awards for National Scholarship fInalists.

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Special aid programs

Arizona Native Scholars Grant

The Arizona Native Scholars Grant (ANS) is an institutional grant program that ensures the tuition, mandatory fees, tuition differentials and program fees are covered for Native, Arizona Resident, Undergraduate students seeking their first Bachelor's degree.

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Arizona Assurance

The Arizona Assurance Program is for low-income Arizona students. The program is designed to assist students in attaining a bachelor’s degree by providing financial aid and support services.

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Fostering Success

The University of Arizona and the state of Arizona offer programs to help current and former foster youth that meet certain criteria with college costs. You do not have to repay these financial awards.

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University Grant

The University Grant award assists qualifying, first time, undergraduate, Arizona resident students to help pay for tuition. Students must also demonstrate certain financial need.

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Transfer Tuition Scholarship

The Transfer Tuition Scholarship is a merit award for incoming resident and nonresident transfer students.

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Earn to Learn

Earn to Learn is a need-based scholarship program that teaches financial literacy and rewards students with $4,000 of matching scholarship funding.

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