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Arizona’s public universities – Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona – are operating on a simple premise: all Arizonans should benefit from our universities. What began over 150 years ago with a single university has grown to include three institutions with multiple campuses and locations across the state. In person or online, the universities offer hundreds of degree programs, many of which are nationally ranked, to match your interests and to help you develop the career you want. Let’s get started!

Arizona State University

Northern Arizona University

University of Arizona

Just as each student has varied backgrounds and interests, so too is their path to earning a degree.

Options exist for a reason. Sometimes life can be unpredictable and that’s OK. The important thing to remember is when you’re ready, a pathway to college exists.

High School Pathways

Students who apply to college during their senior year of high school and enter after receiving their high school diploma.

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Transfer Pathways

Students who transfer to a university from a community college or another university.

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Military Pathways

Students who are service members, their spouses or dependents who pursue a degree after military service or while on active duty.

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Adult Pathways

Students who begin college after spending time in the workforce, earning a GED or returning to college for another degree.

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Undocumented Student Pathways

Students who are qualifying, non-citizen Arizona high school graduates who have lived in Arizona for more than two years.

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Your university options

Regardless of which pathway you take, you’ll need to consider where you’re going. What kind of college experience appeals to you? Do you want a small campus feel or something larger with more students? Do you like mountain life or city life? Do you want to cheer from the student section at college football and basketball games? Would you rather attend on campus or online? The state of Arizona is very fortunate to offer a little bit of everything.

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