When to apply

Keeping track of important college application deadlines will help you be  college ready.

While it’s a good rule of thumb to plan on applying to college in the summer before and fall of your senior year in high school, most colleges and universities operate with different deadlines. Keeping a calendar with important dates can help you keep track, especially if you’re applying to different universities.

What is a priority deadline?

Some universities have priority deadlines. Applying by the priority deadline ensures that your application and financial aid and scholarships are processed and packaged earlier in the year. Knowing in advance that you got in to college and how much it will cost gives you more time to think through your decision. It gives you access to earlier orientation, the ability to pay your enrollment deposit early and apply for on-campus housing before those who apply by the regular deadline.

While there are benefits to applying by the priority deadline, you are not locked in to one school. And, admissions decisions, aid and scholarship considerations do not prioritize those who apply by the priority deadline.

What is a regular deadline?

Applying by a school’s regular deadline ensures the university has ample time to make decisions regarding eligibility, financial aid and scholarships.

Arizona residents:

If you missed a deadline, do not assume that you have to wait an extra year to apply. It is advised to submit your applications by the deadline to ensure scholarships, financial aid, orientation and housing can be processed in time for the start of the semester.

However, ASU, NAU and Arizona believe that when it comes to applying to college, it’s better late than never. In most cases, your application for the fall semester can be completed up until a month before your first semester.

You should always contact the admissions office of the college where you’d like to apply to see what is recommended before you decide that it’s too late to apply.

Important dates and deadlines

The following university webpages each have key application dates for fall and spring enrollment as well as enrollment in online programs and graduate application deadlines. Visit these pages to learn about deadlines associated with FAFSA, scholarships, honors programs, and paying your enrollment deposit. 

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